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Thursday, September 29, 2016
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CESA Buyers Guides

How to Buy the Right Chefs knife

An essential piece of kitchen kit for any chef , knives can be a considerable investment. Make sure you buy the right one for you with help from our guide to knife types by function. As with all professional kitchen equipment, the quality of a che... [Read More]

Understanding Beverage Equipment

UNDERSTANDING HOT BEVERAGE EQUIPMENT Hot beverages offer some of the best profit margins in catering with ingredient cost a few pence and selling price usually in excess of £1. That margin allows caterers to invest in high perfor... [Read More]

Understanding Deep-fat Fryers

UNDERSTANDING DEEP FAT FRYERS Deep-fat fryer's are extremely useful in a commercial kitchen. Any food cooks in the top two inches of oil, which can be heated up to 200 degrees Celsius. All businesses should assess their exact chip... [Read More]

Understanding Cutlery

Almost all cutlery used in foodservice is made from stainless steel, even if it is finally plated with electro-plated nickel silver (EPNS). The finest cutlery is made from almost pure silver, but is rarely used in anything but the highest level of di... [Read More]

Understanding Counters and Serveries

Counters and serveries are different types of the same thing. They are merchandising units which allow food to be kept at the right temperature for best taste and food safety, in good condition and looking tempting to a customer. There is some blurri... [Read More]

Understanding Cookware

Cookware is pans, baking dishes and serving dishes and comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes and perform hundreds of different cooking tasks, but when construction is stripped down to the basics, there are just a handful of materials used in professi... [Read More]

Understanding Cooking Ranges

The cooking range is the traditional heart of a kitchen. There is little that can’t be cooked in one. There are four types of cooking range. OPEN TOP BURNERS Open top cooking ranges are either gas burners or electric radiants with an oven under... [Read More]

Understanding Combi Ovens

A combi-oven combines several cooking functions in one piece of kitchen equipment and the shortening of the description “combination” is how a combi-oven gets its name. The combi-oven uses dry heat - either still or fan-driven - and steam, which is ... [Read More]

Understanding Chopping Boards

Wood is the traditional material for chopping boards, but lost favour in the 1990s when it was thought to be unhygienic. Plastic chopping boards became the recommended cutting surface. Current thinking has changed to believe that properly washed and ... [Read More]

Prime Cooking Equipment - Down to Basics

The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) has drawn up the following basic explanation of the main cooking equipment in a professional kitchen. (Note: Combi-ovens, ranges, microwaves and fryers are covered in separate guides) CONVECTI... [Read More]



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