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Mobile Training Modules Carbon Management and Food Safety

CESA actively supports education and development in the Foodservice Equipment Industry.

We continue to develop training and educational programmes for the foodservice industry in order to combat the skills shortage currently faced by the industry.

The Hospitality Learning Networks’ OER (free) courses provide a platform for individuals to define their career path and equip them with applicable knowledge in order to maintain the standards expected of them.

Register for your free account

In order to take advantage of the training modules you need to register for a free account.

You can do that by following this link: 

What is on offer?

The Carbon Management and Food Safety modules comprise of four elements, all of which are free to study. Each of the modules feature interactive functionality, quizzes, a glossary and video content. On successful completion of each module a test certificate is available for £5.00.

1. Carbon Management Awareness

This video outlines the issues that cause of global warming and the importance of mindful of energy consumption.

2. Food Safety - Foundation Level One

Level one drives awareness of the dangers of food poisoning, defines simple essential rules to follow and focusses on how to handle different types of food.

3. Food Safety - Food Safety Manual Level Two+

This course is designed for persons who are preparing and handling food and highlights the safe methods of handling, storing, preparing and the serving of food.

4. Allergens and Intolerants - Food Preparation and Front of House Communication

Through an understanding of allergies and intolerances the learner achieves the knowledge of how to manage these hazards in an operational unit and also from the large company’s perspective for the implementation of HACCP.

How to use this course

This course is free to study for all employees and what’s more the resources are always available so that they can be used as a quick reference. To access the interactive features you must be logged into the website.

Simply click on the Hospitality Learning link at the top of the page to set up an account. Just follow the on screen instructions and you will have your free membership. Remember your user name will be the name displayed on your certificate.

There are many links to the website for example you will see symbol which will take to same web page where you can find definitions. This PDF is to provide with the ease to study while you’re on the move.

Finally, you can take the quiz at the end of the course and if you wish you can receive a certificate for the charge of £5.00.

Good luck and enjoy the course your feedback is always welcome.


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