Compliance with CE marking and process requirements

CE & Conformity Questionnaire

CESA are working together with Steve Witt of SWCD to provide members with support and services to ensure compliance with CE marking and process requirements.
The following checklist will enable you to determine whether or not as a company you have the required level of documentation to meet the legal requirements of CE marking or the EC Certificate of Conformance.

As CE marking is a legal requirement companies must treat compliance as an essential requirement and have the necessary procedures and record keeping gin place. Whether as the OEM or as the importer or distributor of finished products.

If you have answered ‘No’ to any of the questions it is important to resolve the issue. CESA has agreed a free introductory consultation with SWCD in order for them to provide specialist consultancy services to review and to specify work required to resolve the matter and ensure that the company and its employees are protected from any associated risk.

Further work will be agreed between the two parties at £550 per day + costs and this will be detailed in a letter for agreement signed by both parties. This will be invoiced by CESA based on agreement of the cost and work involved. Once payments have cleared SWCD will undertake the work.
For your free consultation please contact  or