Don't miss out on the FEA HRC 2020 Trend Trails

We are working in collaboration with Montgomery Group to bring you FEA Member Trend Trails at HRC 2020. We’ll easing Buyer’s pains by leading them to where they can find a solution to their pressing issues.

The Trend Trails have been designed to add value to your exhibition experience by driving footfall to your stand. This offer is free of charge and only available to FEA members.

The Trend Trails are based on 15 Operator Pains. If your products help alleviate, reduce or improve on any of the Pains below then let us know and we’ll add you to a trail. FEA members can align up to ten products to five pains. To sign-up please fill in our Trend Trail form.

1. Sustainability
2. Waste Management

Cost Management
3. Overhead and Cost Reduction
4. Energy Management
5. Rising Food Costs

6. Standards and Regulations
7. New and Emerging Technology

8. Work-flow Optimisation
9. Worker Productivity
10. Employee Retention
11. Working Environment

Customer Focus
12. Customer Service
13. Food Quality

14. Food Safety
15. Food and Flavour Trends

The FEA HRC Trend Trails are open to members currently exhibiting and those wishing to exhibit.

Add your products to the FEA HRC 2020 Trend Trails.