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CESA Conference 2018

Evolving in a Disruptive Environment

This year's Conference was delivered in the midst of Brexit chaos – facilitator Simon Jack gave insightful background. “We don’t understand where the EU is coming from,” he explained. “We talk about trade and nance, but to them the European Union is more important than BMW’s share price. Trade deals don’t matter: we export an enormous amount to the USA, with no trade deal – they just like our stuff.” 

Simon Jack opens this year's CESA conference to a packed auditorium.

Conference Presentations

We hope that those of you that attended, our biggest conference of the past few years no less, enjoyed it and found the content engaging and insightful. To follow up everything you heard you can download a Zip file containing all of the presentations from this year's conference by clicking the image below.

The file contains presentations from:

  • Tony Sophoclides is Strategic Affairs Director for UKHospitality
  • Paul Dickinson, Director of Food, Fuller’s Brewery
  • Klaus Goeldenbot, Group Chief Executive, Nisbets
  • Steve Snower, CEO, Parts Town
  • Alberto Zanata, CEO of Professional Products and Executive Vice President of AB Electrolux
  • All the Bitesize Session content

With the pressure on to top this year, we look forward to seeing you next year.



Conference Photos

All of our conference photos are available to view on our Flickr page.


Download Conference Press Release


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