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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Ecodesign of commercial refrigeration equipment (DG ENTR Lot 1) - includes walk in cold rooms

Impact assessment study final reports published

The impact assessment contractor has completed the studies on the Lot 1 products following work done between January and September 2012 on:

-  Condensing units

-  Industrial process chillers

-  Blast cabinets

-  Walk in cold rooms

-  Professional refrigerated storage cabinets. 

The contractor's final reports as well as other supporting information are available at the impact assessment consultation website at

Many thanks to all stakeholders who contributed to this process.

Next steps towards Lot 1 regulations
The Commission has considered the results of the impact assessment studies and prepared its own impact assessment report which is in the process of being approved internally. After its approval, a draft regulation will be circulated first internally (February 2013) then to the WTO (April). The draft regulations are anticipated to closely follow the proposals in the impact assessment study reports, except for any changes arising from the additional development work noted below. A consolidated regulatory proposal will then be submitted to the European Parliament and Council after the approval of the Regulatory Committee. The process is set to end by late 2013; the entry into force of the requirements envisaged by the regulation will be revised in order to give producers sufficient time to adapt to the regulation, but keeping the same time spacing between tiers and products.

Development of harmonised test methodologies for Lot 1 products

In preparation for future regulations, work is ongoing under CEN TC44 to develop harmonised test methodologies for:

-  Walk in cold rooms (TC44 working group 4) and for 

-  Professional storage cabinets (TC44 working group 2)

Participation in these working groups is encouraged from manufacturers and other technical stakeholders. Details of these working groups are available here,  or contact the TC44 secretary Dr P. Visintin ( 

Other standards will be developed in due course.

Further developments supporting Lot 1 regulatory proposals

Tait Consulting has a short term assignment between December 2012 and March 2013 to assist the Commission with collating further evidence on two products from the ecodesign Lot 1 area. This work is made possible by the support of CLASP Europe:

1. The main focus is on the possibility of introducing minimum requirements for high temperature industrial process chillers.  At present, proposals only include minimum requirements for low and medium temperature industrial process chillers. The work is examining the product performance evidence available on these products and in particular review any issues arising from overlap with any possible future ecodesign regulation affecting air conditioning chillers, due to the possibility of products being subject to both regulations. A meeting with EPEE and some chiller manufacturers who are part of the EPEE Joint Industry Expert Group was held on 14 December 2012 in Brussels to discuss this.  Further details are available from the consultation website given above. A consultation on evidence obtained and possible future steps is anticipated to occur in February 2013 in order to inform Commission decisions in March 2013.

2. A second area of work is on walk in cold rooms to review several issues raised in the Impact Assessment study: in particular regarding the harmonised test methodology for the insulated envelope; system performance metrics; raising standards of installation; stringency of requirements; and to review who in the supply chain takes responsibility for eco-design conformity.  A meeting to discuss these issues was held with manufacturers on 13 December 2012. The notes from that meeting are available on the consultation website given above and research continues with manufacturer and other input. 

If you wish to be kept informed of developments on these two products (industrial process chillers and walk in cold rooms), please let me know and you will be sent further updates in due course until the end of March 2013. Results will also be made available at the consultation website at

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